VIVE L'HOMME - V stands for Victory | New standard for men
Vive L'Homme raises the bar on an everyday basic and sets the new standard for men
Vive L'Homme, VLH, Aesthetics, Basics, T-shirts, T-shirt, Quality Basics, Men, Man, Fashion, Amsterdam
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“V stands for Victory”

Our website is temporarly under-construction
Made in Italy

“The search for your everyday basic
tee has come to an end”
Vive L’Homme is a Amsterdam based
distinguished clothing label specialized
in enriched basic T-shirts.

Management & Design

Deymanstraat 18 D
NL1091 SE Amsterdam
the Netherlands
Phone +31 20 233 62 04

Distribution & Sales

Rhôneweg 30
NL1043 AH Amsterdam
the Netherlands
Phone +31 20 613 73 63